Hamburg-Harburg | Lämmertwiete

SAMMY AHERN ex Mick On The Gate

Irish Folk

"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades", as Pat McDonald says.

After a number of years pulling pints of Murphys' and doing the only other job available to an ex musician/ex soldier, I decided to give it a go as a solo artist. A Troubadour. Very sexy, until I ended up homeless and broke, and so, with everything I owned at the bottom of my sleeping bag and my guitar on my back, I headed north.

When I travelled over the bridge from Germany to Denmark , I thought there's a whole new future waiting for me over yonder. I bought a tin of beans, did them over a fire I created from some old flint I had left in my pocket and stayed in a woodland area overlooking a stream that day. There were wild rabbits & deer in the distance. I wanted to shoot one and have it for dinner but I hadn't got a gun.

Anyway, as I sat there on some hay with guitar in hand and the beans simmerin' in a pot that a friendly Dane had loaned me I began to write some original music. I started off with Doh a Deer because the deer was in the distance but then I ended up with Doo Bee Doo, which became the title for one of my songs, on what would be my groundbreaking original CD's. Anyway the beans tasted good and I embarked on the next  wonderous adventure in Denmark...

Auftritte: 07.03.2003