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THE FALLEN EMPIRE | Rock'n'Roll-Alternative Rock

The last hope for Swedish Alternative Rock music. Emerging from Malmö´s colourful music scene, this quintet takes their music as serious their working-class roots. Walls of guitars, solid licks, catchy melodies, heavy rhythmic beats. Honest and simply bloody good.

The Fallen Empires are a Rock´n´Roll band. And in times of casting-shows, "fast-food" pop and the terrible noise of the meaningless they remain a Rock´n´Roll band.

The band was formed in late 2006 by Nate and Toby. Sally took a seat behind the drums in March 2008. The lads (then with guitarist Pete) went on to record their debut album "As of Yet...". After Pete had left the band Max and Percy joined up in the end of 2008.
After many live shows and countless hours of work in the rehearsal rooms The Fallen Empires are going to play across Europe for the rest of the year.

For us and for all of those who still care about what they´re listening to: We play the music we love. We write the music we play. It´s as simple as that and the quality of everything we do, the attention to detail, it just speaks for itself...We´ll see you at the concerts! 

Auftritte: 09.07.2009

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